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Tube Turns® Products has been in continuous operation since 1927. We serve the needs of process industries worldwide.

From its start as the first US manufacturer of forged and seemless weld fittings, through its numerous contributions to the science and practice of piping system design, to the wide range of engineered products available today, Tube Turns® has remained in the forefront of innovation and reliability for the products we produce.

Let Sypris Tube Turns® create value for you today.

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Our Products

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TOOL-LESS® Closures

Tool-less® operation is smooth and direct and even the largest unit can be opened or closed in a matter of seconds by one person. The Tool-less® closure satisfies design requirements in ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, and Section VIII, Div. 1.

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Threaded Closures

Threaded closures offer safety with a simple design that consists of only a head, welding hub, pressure warning device, integrated tool to assist in opening and closing the larger size closures and heavy duty hinging hardware with adjustable davit mechanisms on larger sizes.

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T-Bolt Closures

Tube Turns® exclusive T-Bolt Closure is designed expressly for low- to medium-pressure applications. It is lighter, less expensive and much more convenient than blind flanges and job-fabricated closure devices.

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Yoke style Closures

Our Single and Double Bolt Yoke style closures are compact in size and functional in design. A typical unit consists of a forged hub, a hinged blanking head, split-yoke clamps, operating bolts, and a self-energizing O-ring gasket.

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Insulated Joints

Tube Turns® Monolothic Insulated Joints electrically isolate sections of pipeline to prevent corrosion caused by stray electrical currents or interference from other pipelines and power transmission cables.

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Transition Joints

The Transition Joint is a prefabricated, non-separable, metallurgically bonded joint used for field butt welding of dissimilar metal piping components which are not weldable to each other. Typical metals include aluminum to stainless steel for cryogenic applications.

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Sig-Tech® Pig Signaler

The Sig-Tech® intrusive Pig Signaler can be installed at pre-determined intervals on pipelines to detect the passage of a cast polyurethane pig or spherical type pig. A trigger extending into the pipeline through a welded boss fitting that will trip when a pig passes, immediately activating the signaling mechanism.

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Anchor Forgings

For immobilization of high pressure pipe lines and restraining pipe movement where uncontrolled thrust could damage equipment. Anchor Forgings are custom designed to provide the most economical dimensions for each special application.

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Tube Turns® Swel-Plug® Pressure Tester is a rugged, positive-grip end closure that speeds up and simplifies hydrostatic testing of pipelines and piping assemblies. The Swel-Plug® was developed scientifically as a time and money saver.

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Swivel Ring Flange

The Swivel Ring Flange is of two piece construction consisting of a heavy forged welding hub with a rotating forged ring that serves as a mating flange to a Weld Neck or other flange. It has a Retaining Ring to secure the Welding Hub to hold the Rotating Ring in position.