Sig-Tech® Intrusive Pig Signaler

Easily Detect Passage of Pigs in a Pipeline


The Sypris® Technologies Sig-Tech® intrusive Pig Signaler can be installed at pre-determined intervals on pipelines to detect the passage of a cast polyurethane pig or spherical type pig. A trigger extending into the pipeline through a welded boss fitting that will trip when a pig passes, immediately activating the signaling mechanism. The Sig-Tech® pig signaler is easy to install into the boss, and with correct tools can be installed under operating pressure. Weather and corrosion resistant, the Sig-Tech® is designed to function in the most demanding onshore or offshore environments. With a multitude of signaling mechanisms, there is a model to meet almost any need. Some of which include a flag indicator, electrical indicator and a combination flag/electrical indicator. The electrical switch is offered standard with 316SS construction.

The Sig-Tech® signaler does not require any adjustments after installation. The boss is designed per wall thickness requirements and set to the correct intrusion depth. The signaler is design to be compatible with other popular brands and can be installed using equivalent tools.

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