Monolithic Insulated Joints

Electrically Isolate


Insulated Joints (also referred to as “Isolation Joints” or “Insulating Joints”) are available in sizes ranging from 2" thru 48" and pressure ranging from ANSI 150 to ANSI 900.

Tube Turns® Monolithic Insulated Joints electrically isolate sections of pipeline to prevent corrosion caused by stray electrical currents or interference from other pipelines and power transmission cables. Three features assure electrical isolation:

  1. Insulating gasket that prevents metal-to-metal contact across the joint
  2. Internal cavities filled with a special dielectric compound
  3. Internal and external surfaces coated with two (2) coats of non-conductive epoxy paint, or coating per the customer’s specification.

The weld end hubs of our Insulating joints are provided in compliance with the customer’s piping specification. Optional extra-length pipe pups (provided by the customer) can be included in the completed joint.

Tube Turns® Monolithic Joints feature a pre-fabricated, non-separable, and bolt-less design to satisfy customers that require a single-piece construction for simplicity of installation, elimination of maintenance, and ease of final wrapping and coating after installation in the pipeline. Pressure Fatigue, Torsion and Bending proof testing of the design was carried out to provide a design that is physically stronger than the pipe to which it is attached.

Tube Turns® is fully qualified to provide in-house Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic, and Liquid Penetrant examination along with NDE test reports to meet customer requirements.

Each joint manufactured by Tube Turns® is completely factory assembled and hydro-statically tested to 1.5 times the working pressure before shipment. In addition, each joint is electrically tested to verify its insulating capability. No maintenance required for the entire service life of the insulating joint.

These connections are known in the pipeline industry by various terms such as the following:

  • Monolithic Insulating Joint
  • Monolithic Insulation Joint
  • Monolithic Isolating Joint
  • Monolithic Isolation Joint