Swivel Ring Flange


The SWIVEL RING FLANGE is of two piece construction consisting of a heavy forged welding hub with a rotating forged ring that serves as a mating flange to a Weld Neck or other flange. It has a Retaining Ring to secure the Welding Hub to hold the Rotating Ring in position. These versatile flanges are utilized in many applications and are used extensively in offshore piping where they solve the issues associated with the alignment of bolt holes during subsea flange installation.


The pressure-temperature ratings and basic dimensions (OD - bolt circle - facing - number and size of bolts) of Swivel Ring Flanges, in Class 150 through Class 2500, are identical to ASME/ANSI B16.5 and MSS-SP44 Flanges and will readily mate to a standard weld neck flange. Ring type joints (RTJ), raised face, flat face and other facings are furnished as required. Sizes up through 60” including flanges to mate to ASME B16.47 dimensions are available.


Standard materials are A105 with a minimum yield of 42,000 psi and additional thickness is provided at the welding end to compensate for higher yield pipe. These flanges can be furnished in higher yield materials such as A694 or A707 and are also supplied to customer specifications.

Tube Turns® Products is fully qualified to provide in-house Magnetic Particle, Ultrasonic and Liquid Penetrant examinations to meet the most stringent requirements.