About Tube Turns

Tube Turns was founded in 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky, as the first American manufacturer of forged seamless pipe elbows and returns. Over the years we have transitioned our product range and expanded our production capabilities to keep pace with the changing requirements of the industries that we serve. Although we no longer offer pipe fittings or forgings, our product range remains dynamic and growing.

In the 1960's onward, we have expanded our offerings to include: Engineered Products which are manufactured and designed to the most stringent customers’ requirements. Engineered Products include: Tool-less® Closures, Hinged Closures (Single Bolt & Double Bolt Yoke Style, Threaded and T-bolt Closures), Insulated Joints, Swel-plug Pressure Testers, Transition Joints, and other specialty piping components.

Today, these products are used globally in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Processing industries in numerous applications.