T-Bolt Closures

Nominal Pressure Applications


Tube Turns® exclusive T-Bolt Closure is designed expressly for low- to medium-pressure applications. It is lighter, less expensive and much more convenient than blind flanges and job-fabricated closure devices. Economical price and low initial cost are especially attractive features of the Tube Turns® T-Bolt Closure. T-Bolt Closures are available in horizontal (opens like a car door) and vertical (opens like a car hood) configurations.

A complete unit normally costs less than the component parts for a blind or slip-on flange combination. There need be no additional expenses for hinges, hoists, davits, etc., as the closure can be fully assembled when shipped. Furthermore, installation-labor charges are held to a minimum; a single butt weld joins the closure to the vessel, vessel nozzle, or pipe.

Compact design, light weight, and simplicity of construction and operation are keynotes of the Tube Turns® T-Bolt Hinged Closure. The closure consists of a thick elliptical head hinged to a matching hub, a self-energizing O-ring and a suitable number of T-bolts to effect and maintain a tight seal. For most services, the standard materials - carbon steel and a "Buna-N" O-ring-are satisfactory. Other metals and elastomers are furnished on special request. The T-Bolt Hinged Closure is opened quickly and easily. The operator merely loosens the T-Bolts until they clear the holding lugs and allow the head to be swung open on its hinge. Complete, unrestricted access is provided; too, since the standard head stop permits a full 180° opening. Other convenient options include breakover handles and camlock wrenches that allow the T-Bolt closure to be opened and sealed without tools.

Warning Features

The holding lugs are mounted on the closure head at an angle of approximately 10 degrees. This provides a valuable feature, for the angular mounting requires that the T-bolt be backed off an extra turn or two before it will swing out of the holding position. Thus, if there is pressure in the vessel while it is being opened, initial turns of the bolts permit the head to lift slightly and the contained fluid escapes, alerting the operator to possible danger. Further movement of the head is restrained, since the T-bolt still is confined within the holding lug.

ASME Code Stamped Closures Code

Stamping of Tube Turns® T-BoltClosures is available on request at a nominal extra cost. This includes (1) the furnishing of a Partial Data Sheet verifying shop inspection of the unit by a commissioned inspector of the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and (2) the affixing of the ASME stamp on the closure.