Quality Engineered Components

TOOL-LESS® Closures

The TOOL-LESS® closure embodies the latest innovations in the "internal door" style of quick opening closures / manways. TOOL-LESS® operation is smooth and direct and even the largest unit can be opened or closed in a matter of seconds by one person. The TOOL-LESS® closure satisfies design requirements in ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, and Section VIII, Div. 1. The entire design has been verified through proven stress calculations, the latest finite element analysis software, and strain gauge testing, establishing a high level of confidence in the structural integrity of the TOOL-LESS® closure. In addition, fatigue analysis based on severe field condition data has been successfully conducted on all closure sizes and classes. TOOL-LESS® closures / manways are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and other alloys, along with a choice of elastomer lip seal materials to meet the user's temperature and process compatibility requirements.

Threaded Closures

Tube Turns manufactures Threaded closures / manways in popular sizes ranging from 2" through 24" in ANSI class 150 through 900. Threaded closures in 26" through 42" are available up to ASME Class 600. Threaded closures/manwyas are available in horizontal and vertical orientations. Threaded closures offer safety with a simple design that consists of only a head, welding hub, pressure warning device, integrated tool to assist in opening and closing the larger size closures and heavy duty hinging hardware with adjustable davit mechanisms on larger sizes. Tube Turns Threaded Closures are manufactured utilizing the precision of CNC machining to provide accurate and consistent dimensions. Threaded Closures meet ASME Section VIII, Division I requirements. Each Threaded Closure has a pressure-warning device to alert the operator of any internal pressure in the pipe or vessel before opening the head. Also, the O-ring gasket seal is broken before the Hub/Head ACME Threads are completely disengaged which allows pressure to bleed and provides additional warning to the operator of existing internal pressure.

Yoke Style Closures

Our Single and Double Bolt Yoke style closures / manways are compact in size and functional in design. A typical unit consists of a forged hub, a hinged blanking head, split-yoke clamps, operating bolts, and a self-energizing O-ring gasket. Materials of construction, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and other alloys, are in accord with ASME specifications, and manufacture complies with applicable rules of the ASME code for Pressure Piping and with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. A variety of elastomer o-ring seals are available to meet the user's temperature and process compatibility requirements.

T-Bolt Closures

Tube Turns' exclusive T-Bolt Closure is designed expressly for low- to medium-pressure applications. It is lighter, less expensive and much more convenient than blind flanges and job-fabricated closure devices. The T-Bolt manway consists of a thick elliptical head hinged to a matching hub, a self-energizing O-ring and a suitable number of T-bolts to effect and maintain a tight seal. For most services, the standard materials - carbon steel and a "Buna-N" O-ring-are satisfactory. Other metals and elastomers are furnished on special request. Stamping of Tube Turns T-Bolt Closures is available on request at a nominal extra cost. This includes (1) the furnishing of a Partial Data Sheet verifying shop inspection of the unit by a commissioned inspector of the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and (2) the affixing of the ASME stamp on the closure.

Monolithic Insulated Joints

Tube Turns Monolothic Insulated Joints electrically isolate sections of pipeline to prevent corrosion caused by stray electrical currents or interference from other pipelines and power transmission cables. Electrical isolation is assured by three features: a) insulated gasketing that prevents metal-to-metal contact across the joint, b) internal cavities filled with a special dielectric compound, and c) internal and external surfaces coated with two (2) coats of epoxy paint, or coating per the customer's specification. Insulating joint hubs are provided that are compatible with the customer's piping specification, and option extra-length pipe pups (provided by the customer) can be included in the completed joint.

Bi-Metallic Transition Joints

The Transition Joint is a prefabricated, non-separable, metallurgically bonded joint used for field butt welding of dissimilar metal piping components which are not weldable to each other. Typical metals include aluminum to stainless steel for cryogenic applications. Tube Turns Transition Joints have been manufactured for over 40 years in pipe sizes ranging from 1/2" to 36" diameter and have been produced from a variety of stainless steels (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 347) and aluminum alloys (3003, 5082, 5083, 6061). They are used to join stainless piping to aluminum piping for cryogenic services down to minus 320 deg F and are installed in heat exchangers, liquefied gas storage tanks and transfer lines. They are used in many applications for pressures ranging from full vacuum to in excess of 6,000 psi.

Anchor Forgings

For immobilization of high pressure pipe lines and restraining pipe movement where uncontrolled thrust could damage equipment. Anchor Forgings are custom designed to provide the most economical dimensions for each special application. Stress Calculations are provided as outlined in ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Appendix 2.