Swel-Plug® Hydrostatic Tester

Faster, easier and more economical testing of pipelines and piping assemblies


Tube Turns® Swel-Plug® Pressure Tester is a rugged, positive-grip end closure that speeds up and simplifies hydrostatic testing of pipelines and piping assemblies. The Swel-Plug® was developed scientifically as a time and money saver.

  • It can be installed or removed in minutes and be used over and over
  • It is remarkably versatile and each size can handle a wide range of pipe ID's and wall thicknesses.
  • It eliminates the need to attach welding caps, blind flanges, plate blanks, etc. as end seals for each test.
  • It does not require elaborate fixturing or constant adjusting of external clamps and screws.
  • It can be used with any test pressure from atmospheric to 3000 psi.

Performance and dependability have been proven at numerous field installations and the Swel Plug Pressure Tester is being used more and more frequently by pipeline contractors, piping fabricators, mechanical contractors and maintenance departments. Swel-Plugs® are perfect for steam cracker and PVC pipe applications.