Continuous Improvement

Mission statement

Tube Turns® is driving quality and performance into all aspects of our business by fully implementing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies integrated with the Project Management Office (PMO) to provide a platform for our continuous improvement culture. We have adopted and deployed quality principles and tools, such as Lean, Six Sigma, Hoshin Policy Deployment, and Project Management Professional (PMP) training and certifications to accelerate our business performance.

  1. CI Mission: Pursue knowledge and perfection that increases our value to customers and stakeholders
  2. CI Vision: Perform at a world class level by applying Lean Six Sigma and Knowledge-Based Development Principles in our everyday work
  3. CI Principles:
  1. Create value as defined by Customer and Stakeholder needs
  2. Develop lasting knowledge and eliminate waste permanently
  3. Apply the scientific method to learn and improve by doing
  4. Align and empower people to make decisions and take action in real-time
  5. Use common sense

We have successfully run co-innovation workshops and co-Kaizen events with some of our strategic customer partners, resulting in reduced program costs. Customers can truly extract substantial and tangible value from our Continuous Improvement efforts when they participate!