Automated Yoke Style Closures

Simple, yet robust


Tube Turns® offers Double-Bolt Yoke Style Closures that are readily adaptable to a wide variety of operating aids ranging from single-lever chain and sprocket drives to completely automated designs, which can be operated by the touch of a button. This rapid-operating open/close automation can be driven by mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, or pneumatic power sources, to provide safe and convenient quick opening and closing for numerous applications beyond the Oil and Gas Industry, including but not limited to: batch processes in chemical/petrochemical plants, paper mills, sanitation, and food processes (especially applications for the extraction of oils, flavors, and other additives). Tube Turns Automated Closures are also ideal for use in Critical C02 applications.

In addition to this flexibility, our Automated Yoke Style Closures have other advantages:


Automation provides a tight seal, which prevents leakage and exposure of the operators to any medium that may be potentially hazardous to their health.

Improved Employee Morale

With the environmental concerns in the industry today, Automated Closures enable the operator to be stationed away from the process, reducing their exposure to hazardous fluids. As a result, the operator's health risks are reduced significantly.

Economic Considerations

Depending on the size, the opening and closing cycle can take less than one minute. One operator can cycle the closure with the push of a button.


Since operation is simple, direct and positive, Automated Closures require little or no maintenance other than replacement of the O-ring and periodic inspection of yoke bolts and nuts for wear. The human element is virtually eliminated in that the automation mechanism of the closure performs all the work.

Tube Turns® Automated Closures have flexibility of design and can be developed and manufactured to meet your needs. Our Automated Closures are located in industries throughout the world. Applications for Tube Turns® Automated Closures include Pipeline Launchers and Receivers and operations with batch processes such as pulp and paper mills, food processing, chemical plants and petrochemical plants.

Styles Available

  • Chain & Sprocket Automated Closures
  • Electric Automated Closures
  • Hydraulic Automated Closures
  • Pneumatic Automated Closures